How to Train a Jasmine Vine

How to Train a Jasmine Vine

Jasmine is a great vine to grow in warm and mild climates. They prefer full sun but can tolerate light shade.

Chinese Star Jasmine is a popular choice because you can keep them bushy along the entire length of the wire and being evergreen, it holds its structure year round with lovely fragrant flowers in summer.

It climbs by twining and prefers wires rather than trellis which is too wide. The Espalar diamond pattern wire trellis is ideal for this reason and can be fixed to timber, metal and concrete fences. Watch our installation video for guidance. 

Diamonds of around 600mm (24 inches) are ideal but it really depends on the area you want to cover and how much time you wish to spend training and pruning. 

For fast results plant your Star Jasmine 750mmm apart (30 inches) or 1m – 1.15m (3 feet – 3.5 feet) if you have time (and patience!) 

The best time to prune is late winter (before spring growth) and back to double leaf joints, one or two joints from the main stem. Prune again about 1 month after flowering has finished being careful to select the long tendrils that you want to grow along the wires and form the core structure.

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