How to Prune an Espaliered Grape Vine

How to Prune an Espaliered Grape Vine

Grape vines are pruned in winter and there are 2 types of pruning – Cane pruning or Spur pruning.

Cane pruning is the commonly used by commercial vineyards and Spur pruning is done on vines that retain canes espaliered along a trellis system such as the one above. 

Each winter, new canes that have grown along the permanent lateral canes are cut back to a small shoot containing two buds, known as a spur. In spring new growth develops from the buds on the spur.

Cut the cane about 1 cm above the Bud sloping away from the bud as shown in the picture above.

Espalar plant ties are perfect for attaching  canes to your wire trellis and are re-usable.

Feed with general garden fertiliser in early spring and once again in the growing season whilst the vines are young. Keep the fertilizer away from the trunk and water in well. 

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