Espalar Wire Anchor | Espalier Kit – Diamond Queen
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Espalier Kit – Diamond Queen

Starter kit for a queen diamond espalier installation

With this kit you will get all the components you require to install a Queen diamond patterned espalier as shown in the diagram below. (Wire not included) This creates a stylish pattern when growing with vines such as star jasmine, clematis or bougainvillea. Ideal to turn a wall or fence into a growing work of art. This system can be used for fixing onto timber fences, concrete block or brick substrates using screw plugs. Use either AWG 12 (2 mm) stainless steel wire rope or AWG 12 (2 mm) soft wire.

Gently insert wire using back and forth motion until wire slides comfortably between the locking jaws.


The only tools you will require to complete this job are a power drill with a hex driver bit, 1/8 in (3 mm) drill bit, pop rivet gun and quality wire cutters.


Plan your job carefully – this set up uses 1 run of wire. Measure and markout your mounting points – note that the distance between these points should be equal for both vertical and horizontal.


Fix the anchor platforms in place at each corner ensuring that they are set at a 45° angle.


Fix the radial wire guides at the intermediate positions – the guide should be vertical and horizontal as shown in corresponding position on the diagram. Also ensure the guide is the correct way around – one end has a groove for the wire to follow.


Insert wire through anchor platform and carefully into the anchor turning anticlockwise and using a back and forth motion until the wire slides freely


Uncoil wire an feed through radial wire guides to the end point following the numbers on the above diagram.


Fit Espalar anchor at end point then tension wire with pop rivet gun. Trim wire and fit caps at both ends.

Get this diamond espalier starter kit.

This kit provides all the components required to install a diamond set-up as shown in the above diagram.

(Wire not included)

A regular fence panel 2.5m x 2m requires 14m of wire.

We recommend Stainless Steel Wire Rope.


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